Job Search Update

This post isn’t going to be that interesting. It’s more of a personal life update thing an less informative than I intend on being with most of my posts.

For the past two weeks or so I have been struggling with a bad episode of major depression, mysterious full-body pain that I am in the process of getting diagnosed, and stress from still trying to find a job after months of looking. Not only that, but I have been struggling to practice self-care in distancing myself occasionally  from news/whole recent political climate. All of this has been weighing on me and has made it difficult to have to focus and confidence to put out content.

However I have good news. I got a job! After almost six months of applying and interviewing relentlessly, many tears, blows to my self-esteem, struggling to buy groceries for myself, uncertainty with how I would pay rent, and times when I thought my situation was hopeless, I was finally offered a position. I didn’t do anything different in this interview. I was actually pretty certain that I was not going to get the job, but it worked out. I am in shock. In the back of my head I have this sense of impending doom – like this is too good to be true – but I keep reminding myself to enjoy the moment.

These past months (really this past year) has been a struggle, but I am proud of myself for still moving forward in times where I wanted to self-destruct.

This job will enable me to really pursue side-hustles as mentioned before, as well as product reviews, plus size OOTD’s, and more. I’m looking forward to this next chapter.



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