#SelfCareSunday 25 Self-Care Ideas

This week I promised to start Self-Care Sunday. Like I mentioned, self-care is really important for those of us who are not good at taking care of ourselves on a regular basis or for people that struggle with mental health. So I’ve compiled a list with some ideas, but there will be more self-care themed posts to come.

  1. Drink some water!
  2. Make some tea. My favorite is Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea
  3. Make a DIY facemask. My favorite is mixing plain greek yogurt and honey and letting it sit on my face for as long as I like.
  4. Or make a DIY hairmask. Use coconut oil, mashed avocado, & honey.
  5. Light some candles, put on your favorite playlist, get a bathbomb if you have one, and take a bath.
  6. Another bath-time favorite of mine is adding rosewater and coconut milk.
  7. Or make this really easy DIY Shower Steamer and sing in the shower. Loudly.
  8. Watch a Disney movie. Zootopia is on Netflix and it’s actually pretty funny.
  9. Watch some funny animal videos. you may be able to find a better one, but they are out there.
  10. Declutter your space.
  11. Get some magazines, glue, scissors and collage and make a vision board.
  12. Try The thoughts room.
  13. Calming Manatee
  14. Do some yoga. I like this video for beginners.
  15. Do a guided meditation. I like this one.
  16. Make a green smoothie. There are tons of recipes on pinterest, but I go by these basics: pick a base (coconut milk, water, or soy milk), pick something green and leafy (spinach or kale), pick a fruit (frozen blueberries, bananas, or apples), add lemon or ginger or both, add boosts (chia seeds, flax, or bee pollen).
  17. Take a walk around the neighborhood and take some interesting photos with your phone or camera.
  18. Do a DIY project.
  19. Create some simple, but specific goals for this year.
  20. Read a great book! You can find great recommendations on goodreads
  21. Write a letter to your future self.
  22. Start a blog! Do it for yourself and first and write about what you are passionate about. Connect with other people. Later if you want to take it seriously, there are tons of resources on how to do it and it isn’t very difficult.
  23. Make some funny cross stiches like this one
  24. Look for things in this masterpost
  25. Or this masterpost

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