Youtube Content Creation as a Beginner With No Money

So along with the hustling ventures I mentioned in Job Search and Learning to Hustle Without a Degree  I have decided to attempt to start a channel on Youtube. If you are unfamiliar, content creators on youtube can potentially make money via views/ad revenue which can be pretty decent money provided they gain enough subscribers.

I personally live my life by youtube. Some people (my boyfriend included) are obsessed with looking everything up on Wikipedia and browsing for hours learning and absorbing everything that they possibly can. Or more commonly, they Google any question that pops into their minds. My bread and butter is doing this on youtube. From getting sucked into the “vegan youtube” drama between Freelee the Banana Girl and everyone else (I am not even vegan), to learning finger-picking on the guitar. From Game of Thrones fan theories, to menstrual cup reviews (I watched this today and she actually showed her period blood on camera. It was great/gross).

I am not going into this with the expectation of being internet famous or making copious amounts of money, but I just want to give it a try.

However, I have absolutely no budget. I work part-time in the real world and besides, I wouldn’t want to invest too much into this too early on anyway. I may end up hating it.

So here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Record videos on iphone. I don’t have a fancy camera like most youtubers use and my webcam blows. The quality might be poor, but I am hoping that uploading regularly and good content will make up for this in the beginning until I can afford a real camera.
  2. Use natural daylight. I tried a bendy desk lamp, which ended up making me look yellow and sweaty. However, natural lighting worked really well with all of the product photography I did at my last job so why can’t it work well with my face? Editing can go a long way.
  3. for royalty free background music. It’s really important to have commercial-use friendly background music that doesn’t infringe on copyright licenses. Youtube has it’s own library of music that you can use and you can also find music on Soundcloud, but I wanted something that was not cheesey or abrasive. Freemusicarchive allows you to filter your search by genre and commercial-use license and has pretty good quality from what I can tell so far.
  4. Use Windows Movie Maker to edit videos. I think iMovie is the equivalent on a Mac? I did a little research and downloaded various free video editing software (Hitfilm 4 Express and Wondershare Filmora), but they were either too difficult to use for a beginner or left a huge watermark on the video. Once I actually youtubed “video editing software for beginners” I figured out that the solution was really simple. Windows Movie Maker is not as fancy as a professional editor, but it will do the job and it’s easy to use.
  5. Create simple, but useful content that I enjoy. For my first video I did a makeup review/demonstration on a popular foundation that I happen to have a sample of because it was something I could easily talk about and review and I thought it would be helpful to anyone with a similar skin type. I enjoy beauty and being an informed consumer and I don’t have to be an expert to do it. But I may do some how-to’s in the future.

So that’s the list of things I am doing as a complete beginner youtuber with no budget. I don’t have anything uploaded yet, but you can subscribe to my channel at hipdeadgoddess to see how it turns out!


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